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Late Breaking Papers


Constructional Selection, Methylation and Adaptable Representation: Preliminary Findings

Changes in Genetic Representation

The BQP Problem and Exhaustive Search Algorithms Based on Evolutionary Algorithms

Motivations for Exhaustive Search Based on Evolutionary Algorithms

Niched Co-Evolution Strategies to Address Non-uniqueness in Engineering Design

Two Heuristic Operations to Improve the Diversity of Two-objective Pareto Solutions

Hill-climbing through "random chemistry" for Detecting Epistasis

Solving Multiobjective Shortest Path Problems by Using Ant Colony Optimization Combined with a new Heuristic-Value-Concept - The Look-Ahead-Heuristic

A Multi-Population Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Continuous Galvanizing Line Scheduling

Pair Swap Strategy in Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm

Solving Multi-level Lot Sizing Problem with Memetic Algorithm Based on Refinement Procedure

Evolutionary Method of Genetic Network Programing

Variable Neighborhood Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

A Case-Study about Shift Work Management at a Hospital Emergency Department with Genetic Algorithms

Image Noise Cancellation Using a Hybrid Clonal Selection Algorithm and Cellular Neural Network

Automatic Negotiation using LCS-based Multi-Agent Systems

No Free Lunch and Algorithmic Randomness

Cellular Neural Networks for Medical Image Noise Cancellation Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Clonal Selection Algorithm for IIR Equalizer Design

Bilaterally Symmetrical Encoding in the Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks for Symmetry Detection

A Comparison of EvolutionaryComputing Techniques Used to Model Bi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Functions

Model for Evolutionary Technology - An Automatically Defined Terminal Approach

Using Differential Evolution for GEP Constant Creation

Using RFID and a Low Cost Robot to Evolve Foraging Behavior

Evolvable Hardware Approach Using Evolutionary Algorithms and FPGAs

On How Solution Populations Can Guide Revision of Model Parameters

Constraint Handling in Genetic Algorithms via Artificial Immune Systems

Artificial Immune System for Discovering Heuristics in Othello

Solving Nonlinear Equation Systems Using Evolutionary Algorithms

The Inequality Process as an Evolutionary Process

Comparison between Centralized Global Optimization and Distributed Local Optimization for Traffic Jam Avoidance

Evolutionary Data Mining for Link Analysis: Preliminary Experiments on a Social Network Test Bed

Developing Scheduling Policies In Dynamic Job Shops Using Pitts-Based Learning

Solving Expensive Multiobjective Optimization Problems: A Fast Pareto Genetic Algorithm Approach




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