Genetic Programming Bibliography Coauthors

Picture of co-author relationships in fragment    of the GP bib

This top level is a summary of the GP co-authorships within the bibliography. Each of the 2532 dots indicates entries in the genetic programming bibliography which are connected by having authors in common. The area of each dot indicates the number of entries. In other words, each separate dot represents authors who are connected to each other but not to authors in other dots. The many small dots indicate co-author groups of single authors who have published a few papers together. The large circle contains a large fraction of the GP papers.

Behind each dot there is, in principle, a connected sub-graph where each co-author pair is connected by an edge. However I have not generated the several hundred that would be required but imposed a minimum subgraph size. Smaller subgraphs are represented by black dots. Clicking on them will take you directly to the bibliography

Larger subgraphs are represented by red dots. Click on a red dot to goto the coauthor sub-graph.

W.B.Langdon Jul 14 2024