Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Alireza Zendehboudi

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Seyyed Hossein Hosseini, Mohammad Amin Moradkhani, Mohammadreza Valizadeh, Martin Olazar Aurrekoetxea, Mengjie Song, Goodarz Ahmadi, Zuliang Ye, Armin Hafner, Feng Cao,

Genetic Programming Articles by Alireza Zendehboudi

  1. Zuliang Ye and Alireza Zendehboudi and Armin Hafner and Feng Cao. General heat transfer correlations for supercritical carbon dioxide heated in vertical tubes for upward and downward flows. International Journal of Refrigeration, 140:57-69, 2022. details

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  3. S. H. Hosseini and M. A. Moradkhani and M. Valizadeh and Alireza Zendehboudi and M. Olazar. A general heat transfer correlation for flow condensation in single port mini and macro channels using genetic programming. International Journal of Refrigeration, 119:376-389, 2020. details

  4. S. H. Hosseini and M. Valizadeh and Alireza Zendehboudi and Mengjie Song. General correlation for frost thermal conductivity on parallel surface channels. Energy and Buildings, 225:110282, 2020. details