Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Chao Chung Liu

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Mick Jung-Yi Lin, Jen-Yuan Yeh, Ming Chih Tung, Chia Hui Chang, Ju Fu Peng,

Genetic Programming conference papers by Chao Chung Liu

  1. Jung Yi Lin and Chia Hui Chang and Ju Fu Peng and Ming Chih Tung and Chao Chung Liu. Evolving GPS position correction function using genetic programming. In Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems (SCIS) and 13th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS), 2012 Joint 6th International Conference on, pages 136-140, 2012. details

  2. Jung Yi Lin and Jen-Yuan Yeh and Chao-Chung Liu. Applying layered multi-population genetic programming on learning to rank for information retrieval. In International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics (ICMLC 2012), volume 5, pages 1754-1759, 2012. details

  3. Jung Yi Lin and Ming Chih Tung and Chia Hui Chang and Chao Chung Liu and Ju Fu Peng. Position Correction on Consumer-Grade GPS Using Genetic Programming. In Genetic and Evolutionary Computing (ICGEC), 2012 Sixth International Conference on, pages 200-203, 2012. details

  4. Jung Yi Lin and Jen-Yuan Yeh and Chao Chung Liu. Learning to rank for information retrieval using layered multi-population genetic programming. In IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Cybernetics (CyberneticsCom 2012), pages 45-49, 2012. details