Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Danial Abooali

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ehsan Khamehchi, Mohammad Amin Sobati, Shahrokh Shahhosseini, Mehdi Assareh, Reza Soleimani, Saeed Gholamreza-Ravi, Navid Alavi Shoushtari,

Genetic Programming Articles by Danial Abooali

  1. Danial Abooali and Reza Soleimani and Saeed Gholamreza-Ravi. Characterization of physico-chemical properties of biodiesel components using smart data mining approaches. Fuel, 266:117075, 2020. details

  2. Danial Abooali and Ehsan Khamehchi. New predictive method for estimation of natural gas hydrate formation temperature using genetic programming. Neural Comput. Appl., 31(7):2485-2494, 2019. details

  3. Danial Abooali and Mohammad Amin Sobati and Shahrokh Shahhosseini and Mehdi Assareh. A new empirical model for estimation of crude oil/brine interfacial tension using genetic programming approach. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 173:187-196, 2019. details

  4. Reza Soleimani and Danial Abooali and Navid Alavi Shoushtari. Characterizing CO2 capture with aqueous solutions of LysK and the mixture of MAPA + DEEA using soft computing methods. Energy, 164:664-675, 2018. details

  5. Danial Abooali and Ehsan Khamehchi. Estimation of dynamic viscosity of natural gas based on genetic programming methodology. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 21:1025-1031, 2014. details