Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Hugo A Loaiciga

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Parisa-Sadat Ashofteh, Omid Bozorg Haddad, Shima Soleimani, Seyedeh Hadis Moghadam, Sahar Mohammad-Azari, Manizhe Zarei, Sahar Baghban, Mohammad Delpasand, Erfan Goharian,

Genetic Programming Articles by Hugo A Loaiciga

  1. Seyedeh Hadis Moghadam and Parisa-Sadat Ashofteh and Hugo A. Loaiciga. Investigating the performance of data mining, lumped, and distributed models in runoff projected under climate change. Journal of Hydrology, 617:128992, 2023. details

  2. Manizhe Zarei and Omid Bozorg-Haddad and Sahar Baghban and Mohammad Delpasand and Erfan Goharian and Hugo A. Loaiciga. Machine-learning algorithms for forecast-informed reservoir operation (FIRO) to reduce flood damages. Scientific Reports, 11:Article number: 24295, 2021. details

  3. Sahar Mohammad-Azari and Omid Bozorg-Haddad and Hugo A. Loaiciga. State-of-art of genetic programming applications in water-resources systems analysis. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 192(2) 2020. details

  4. Parisa-Sadat Ashofteh and Omid Bozorg-Haddad and Hugo A. Loaiciga. Logical genetic programming (LGP) application to water resources management. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 192(1):Article number: 34, 2019. details

  5. Omid Bozorg-Haddad and Shima Soleimani and Hugo A. Loaiciga. Modeling Water-Quality Parameters Using Genetic Algorithm-Least Squares Support Vector Regression and Genetic Programming. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 143(7) 2017. details