Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Laurent Allan Baumes

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Pierre Collet, Alexandre Blansche, Pedro Serna Ros, Ariel Tchougang, Nicolas Lachiche, Avelino Corma Canos, Frederic Kruger, Santiago Jimenez-Serrano, Avelino Corma,

Genetic Programming Articles by Laurent Allan Baumes

  1. Laurent A. Baumes and Frederic Kruger and Pierre Collet. EASEA: a generic optimization tool for GPU machines in asynchronous island model. Computer Methods in Materials Science, 11(3):489-499, 2011. details

  2. Laurent A. Baumes and Frederic Kruger and Santiago Jimenez and Pierre Collet and Avelino Corma. Boosting theoretical zeolitic framework generation for the determination of new materials structures using GPU programming. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13(10):4674-4678, 2011. details

  3. Laurent A. Baumes and Pierre Collet. Examination of genetic programming paradigm for high-throughput experimentation and heterogeneous catalysis. Computational Materials Science, 45(1):27-40, 2009. details

  4. L. A. Baumes and A. Blansche and P. Serna and A. Tchougang and N. Lachiche and P. Collet and A. Corma. Using Genetic Programming for an Advanced Performance Assessment of Industrially Relevant Heterogeneous Catalysts. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 24(3):282-292, 2009. details