Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Michele Cali

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Matej Babic, Dusan Petrovic, Jost Sodnik, Bozo Soldo, Marko Komac, Olena Chernieva, Miha Kovacic, Matjaz Mikos, G Lesiuk, Dragan Marinkovic, Marco Bonfanti, Branko Ster,

Genetic Programming Articles by Michele Cali

  1. Matej Babic and Dragan Marinkovic and Marco Bonfanti and Michele Cali. Complexity Modeling of Steel-Laser-Hardened Surface Microstructures. Applied Sciences, 12(5) 2022. details

  2. Matej Babic and Dragan Marinkovic and Miha Kovacic and Branko Ster and Michele Cali. A New Method of Quantifying the Complexity of Fractal Networks. Fractal and Fractional, 6(6):article number 282, 2022. details

  3. Matej Babic and Dusan Petrovic and Jost Sodnik and Bozo Soldo and Marko Komac and Olena Chernieva and Miha Kovacic and Matjaz Mikos and Michele Cali. Modeling and Classification of Alluvial Fans with DEMs and Machine Learning Methods: A Case Study of Slovenian Torrential Fans. Remote Sensing, 13(9) 2021. details

  4. M. Babic and G. Lesiuk and D. Marinkovic and M. Cali. Evaluation of microstructural complex geometry of robot laser hardened materials through a genetic programming model. Procedia Manufacturing, 55:253-259, 2021. FAIM 2021. details