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GP coauthors/coeditors: Yang Syu, Jong-Yih Kuo, Wei-Lun Huang, Shang-Pin Ma, Jui-Lung Su, Chien-Min Wang,

Genetic Programming Articles by Yong-Yi FanJiang

  1. Yong-Yi FanJiang and Yang Syu and Wei-Lun Huang. Time Series QoS Forecasting for Web Services Using Multi-Predictor-based Genetic Programming. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2020. details

  2. Yang Syu and Chien-Min Wang and Yong-Yi Fanjiang. Modeling and Forecasting of Time-aware Dynamic QoS Attributes for Cloud Services. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 16(1):56-71, 2019. details

  3. Yang Syu and Jong-Yih Kuo and Yong-Yi Fanjiang. Time series forecasting for dynamic quality of web services: An empirical study. Journal of Systems and Software, 134:279-303, 2017. details

  4. Yong-Yi Fanjiang and Yang Syu and Jong-Yih Kuo. Search based approach to forecasting QoS attributes of web services using genetic programming. Information and Software Technology, 80:158-174, 2016. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Yong-Yi FanJiang