Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Young-Soon Yang

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Genetic Programming Articles by Young-Soon Yang

  1. Y. S. Yeun and B. J. Kim and Y. S. Yang and W. S. Ruy. Polynomial genetic programming for response surface modeling Part 2: adaptive approximate models with probabilistic optimization problems. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 29(1):35-49, 2005. details

  2. Y. S. Yeun and Y. S. Yang and W. S. Ruy and B. J. Kim. Polynomial genetic programming for response surface modeling Part 1: a methodology. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 29(1):19-34, 2005. details

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  5. Yun Seog Yeun and Jun Chen Suh and Young-Soon Yang. Function approximations by superimposing genetic programming trees:with applications to engineering problems. Information Sciences, 122(2-4):259-280, 2000. details

  6. Yun Seog Yeun and K. H. Lee and Y. S. Yang. Function approximations by coupling neural networks and genetic programming trees with oblique decision trees. Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, 13(3):223-239, 1999. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Young-Soon Yang