Notes and Hints on using BibTeX Bibliographies

W B Langdon . 23 February 2003 (19 Sep 06)

Other Information on Bibliographies

Or use the entry form (Based on WebBibTeX).

Using Refer and EndNote

by Peter Martin, 13 Mar 2000

For users who create documents using Microsoft Word or any other comparable word processor on Windows NT, 95 or 98 and who want to access the GP bibliography, the EndNote tool can be used. EndNote is one of the leading bibliographic tools available for these platforms.

To be able to use the bibliography with EndNote, the refer format file should be downloaded and the following steps used to create a usable database.

This will create a database that can be used directly from within Word.

When updates have been made to the GP bibliography, import the new refer file into EndNote. This will update existing entries if they have been changed, and add new entries. Do not start a new database since this will cause existing citations in documents to become invalid since EndNote uses a sequence number to correlate the citation to the database entry.

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