June 26 - 30, 2004
Saturday to Wednesday
Seattle, Washington, USA

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
(GECCO) 2004

Workshop Proceedings, Tutorials, Late Breaking Papers, and Evolutionary Computation in Industry Track Presentations

This CD ROM contains the proceedings of 15 Workshops (107 papers in total), 75 Late-Breaking Papers (LBPs), 32 Tutorials and 10 presentations in the Evolutionary Computation in Industry (ECI) track of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO), held in Seattle, WA USA on 26-30 June 2004. The conference is organised by the International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (ISGEC, www.isgec.org).

This year, for the first time, we experimentally decided to make this material available electronically rather than on paper (the tutorial material was also printed as a book for ease of consultation during the tutorials). There are various reasons for this decision. Firstly, due to a large number of printed volumes, delegate packs had become increasingly heavy in previous editions of the conference, becoming hard to handle for people not staying at the conference hotel, and difficult to bring home. A CD ROM does not present these problems. Secondly, electronic versions of papers are easier to store, search, or print (e.g. for your students, colleagues, PhD supervisor, boss, wife, kids, etc.). Thirdly, CD ROMs do not require chopping down as many trees as books. Fourthly, CD ROMs are cheaper to produce: a saving that was entirely passed on to GECCO's attendees. Naturally, CD ROMs have drawbacks. They are horrible when all you really wanted to do was scribble on the margins of a paper or spill coffee on itů So, we would definitely welcome feedback on whether having workshop, LBP, tutorial and ECI papers on a CD ROM was a welcome move or not.

Many people have contributed to the success of this project and are joint co-editors of this CD ROM: S. Cagnoni (Workshops chair), M. Keijzer (LBPs chair), the co-chairs of the ECI track (L. Davis, R. Roy, and M. Jakiela), the chairs of the 15 workshops which took place at GECCO this year (E. Costa, F.Pereira, G.Raidl, S.C. Upton, D. Goldberg, H. Lipson, E. De Jong, J. Koza, H. Suzuki, H. Sawai, I. Parmee, M. Pelikan, K. Sastry, D. Thierens, W.Stolzmann, P.L. Lanzi, S.W.Wilson, M. O'Neill, C. Ryan, T. Yu,  J. F. Miller, I. Garibay, G. Holifield, A. S. Wu, T. Riopka, M. M. Meysenburg, A. Wright, N. Richter, J. H. Moore, and M. D. Ritchie) and AAAI staff (Ann Stolberg and Carol Hamilton). I would like to express here my deepest gratitude to them for their wonderful work.


Riccardo Poli
General Chair GECCO 2004
June 2004




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