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Adaptive Representations

Geometric Crossover for Motif Discovery

Adaptive Representations Workshop


Complexity through Development and Self-Organizing Representations (CODESOAR)

Speciation by Self-organizing Barriers to Gene Flow in Simulated Populations with Localized Mating

Size Matters: Scaling of Organisms and Genomes for Development of Emergent Structures

Self-organizing Approach for Emergent Multi-agent Structures

The Dead State: A Comparison between Developmental and Direct Encodings

Comparing Artificial Phenotypes with Natural Biological Patterns

Effect of Encoding on the Evolvability of an Embodied Neural Network

Workshop on Complexity through Development and Self-Organizing Representations: Building complexity from simplicity.


Graduate Student Workshop

Initial Study on Handling Constrained Optimization Problems in Learnable Evolution Model

Fitness Inheritance For Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization

Evolutionary Function Approximation for Reinforcement Learning

Evolutionary Algorithms-Based Computational Framework for Solving Inverse Problems

Complexity and Music Generation

Estimating the Destructiveness of Crossover on Binary Tree Representations

Filter Approximation Using Explicit Time and Frequency Domain Specifications


Learning Classifier Systems (LCS)

Extending XCS with Representation in First-Order Logic

A Further Look at UCS Classifier System

Using XCS for Action Selection in RoboCup Rescue Simulation League

Agent-Based Learning Classifier Systems for Grid Data Mining Manuel Santos

Technology Extraction for Future Generations from Process Time Series Data Reflecting Expert Operator Skills

An Initial Analysis of Parameter Sensitivity\\for XCS with Computed Prediction

Dual-structured Classifier System Mediating XCS and Gradient Descent based Update

An Artificial Life Classifier System for Real-Valued Inputs

Empirical evaluation of ensemble techniques for a Pittsburgh Learning Classifier System

Community of Practice under Learning Classifier Systems

Developing Conversational Interfaces with XCS

The Chi-ary Extended Compact Classifier System: Linkage Learning in Pittsburgh LCS


Medical Applications of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Workshop (MedGEC)

The Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data to Resolve and Quantify Peptide Peaks in Cerebral Stroke Samples: An Evolutionary Computation Approach.

Using Enhanced Genetic Programming Techniques for Evolving Classifiers - An Empirical Study

Feature Selection for the Classification of Both Individual and Clustered Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms Using Genetic Algorithms

Retinal Fundus Features Hybrid Detection based on a Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm Driven Statistically Deformed Models for Medical Image Segmentation

The Application of Evolutionary Algorithms towards the Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease


Military and Security Applications of Evolutionary Computation

Designing Secure Communication Using Evolutionary Approach

Evaluating Mutation Operators for Evolved Image Reconstruction Transforms

The Design of Quantum Cascade Lasers using a Memetic Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm

Exploring Battlefield Tactics under the NCW Paradigm using Agent-based Models combined with Genetic Algorithms

Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Improve Tactics, Techniques and Procedures in Peace Support Operations

Distributed and Hardware Genetic Algorithms Applied to the DNA Code Word Library Generation Problem

Analysis of Attack Graphs using Evolutionary Computation


Optimization by Building and Using Probabilistic Models (OBUPM)

EvoNorm, A New Evolutionary Algorithm to Continuous Optimization


Undergraduate Student Workshop

Altering Genetic Algorithm Parameters for the Traveling Salesman Problem: An Empirical Study

Evolving Optimized Forward and Reverse Transforms using Genetic Algorithms on a Supercomputer

Evolutionary Traffic Lights

Interactive Genetic Algorithms for Facial Composite

Interactive Nature-Inspired Heuristics for Automatic

Interactive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Automatic Facial Composite Generation

Application Of A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm To The Modified Diet Problem

Interactive Differential Evolution for Facial Composite Generation

Interactive Evolutionary Strategies for Automatic Facial Composite Generation


User-centric Evolutionary Computation Workshop

Effects of User Preference on Multi-Objective Roof Truss Optimization

An Overview of the integration of aesthetics, component-based representations and machine-learning within a User-centric Evolutionary Design System

ECSS - Evolutionary Component Surface System




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