Interactive Tool to Explore the Genetic Programming Collaboration Network

These are very brief notes for the GP bib coauthors co authorship graphs. The underlying network is described in Tomassini:2007:GPEM


find author moraglio in GP coauthorship graph

Mouse Pointer

Tool Top

When the cursor is moved across one of the coauthorship graphs your browser may display a "tool tip" as it passes over each author node. It is left pretty much up to the browser how (if at all) it does this.

Firefox can display a small yellow box (e.g. Alexandros Agapitos (31)) as it passes over the red node for a genetic programming person. Firefox also displays a URL for each red dot (node in the collaboration small world network). Like the tool tip, the URL includes the author's name and the number of entries they have in the GP bibliography.

Also the blue cross hairs (created by the search function) also give author names (and their co-authors, and their co-co-authors, etc., etc.).

Unexpected Behaviour

Find authors search

The text field next to "Find authors" works on each key stroke. This means as you type more of a GP person's name, the number of people that matches reduces as you enter each letter. However with some browsers (e.g. Firefox) if you paste a complete name into the field this does not count as a keystroke and nothing happens, until you tell the input field you have finished with it. E.g. by tabbing to the next field or clicking the mouse elsewhere in the page.
Alternatively manually enter a character after the paste operation. E.g. add a space after the person's name.


23 Nov 2012 - Chrome not Compatible with Search Feature

Krzysztof Krawiec reported that Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 on MacOs 10.8.2 does not support the "find authors" search. It works fine on other browsers. The problem appears to be confined to Google Chrome v8 with Apple Macs. On initialising JavaScript for coauthor_graphs_data.js Chrome reports a maximum stack exceeded exception for var everybody which means none of the data from coauthor_graphs_data.js are loaded and so the author search does not find anyone.

Work around

The problem is now cured but in case the work around is useful in other circumstances, I am leaving the following text.

On Macs start Google Chrome with an increased stack size limit for V8 javascript engine:

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --js-flags="--stack-size 2048"

My thanks to Kiran Lakhotia for diagnosing the problem and providing this workaround.

WBL 23 Nov 2012 (last update 14 Sep 2016).