Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Abolfazl Baghbani

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Minh Duc Nguyen, Ali Alnedawi, Nick Milne, Thomas Baumgartl, Hossam Abuel-Naga, Amin Soltani, Katayoon Kiany, Firas Daghistani, Roohollah Shirani Faradonbeh, Hasan Baghbani, Mahyar Arabani, Mohammad Mahdi Shalchian, Yi Lu, Changhao Xu,

Genetic Programming Articles by Abolfazl Baghbani

  1. Katayoon Kiany and Abolfazl Baghbani and Hossam Abuel-Naga and Hasan Baghbani and Mahyar Arabani and Mohammad Mahdi Shalchian. Enhancing Ultimate Bearing Capacity Prediction of Cohesionless Soils Beneath Shallow Foundations with Grey Box and Hybrid AI Models. Algorithms, 16(10):Article No. 456, 2023. details

  2. Firas Daghistani and Abolfazl Baghbani and Hossam Abuel Naga and Roohollah Shirani Faradonbeh. Internal Friction Angle of Cohesionless Binary Mixture Sand-Granular Rubber Using Experimental Study and Machine Learning. Geosciences, 13(7):Article No. 197, 2023. details

  3. Abolfazl Baghbani and Amin Soltani and Katayoon Kiany and Firas Daghistani. Predicting the Strength Performance of Hydrated-Lime Activated Rice Husk Ash-Treated Soil Using Two Grey-Box Machine Learning Models. Geotechnics, 3(3):894-920, 2023. details

  4. Abolfazl Baghbani and Minh Duc Nguyen and Ali Alnedawi and Nick Milne and Thomas Baumgartl and Hossam Abuel-Naga. Improving Soil Stability with Alum Sludge: An AI-Enabled Approach for Accurate Prediction of California Bearing Ratio. Applied Sciences, 13(8):Article No. 4934, 2023. details

  5. Yi Lu and Changhao Xu and Abolfazl Baghbani. Initial state of excavated soil and rock (ESR) to influence the stabilisation with cement. Construction and Building Materials, 400:132879, 2023. details