Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Ahmed Farouk Mohamed Hassan Deifalla

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Abdulaziz Alaskar, Ghasan Alfalah, Fadi Althoey, Mohammed Awad Abuhussain, Muhammad Faisal Javed, Nivin A Ghamry, Ahmed M Ebid, Hisham A Mahdi,

Genetic Programming Articles by Ahmed Farouk Mohamed Hassan Deifalla

  1. Abdulaziz Alaskar and Ghasan Alfalah and Fadi Althoey and Mohammed Awad Abuhussain and Muhammad Faisal Javed and Ahmed Farouk Deifalla and Nivin A. Ghamry. Comparative study of genetic programming-based algorithms for predicting the compressive strength of concrete at elevated temperature. Case Studies in Construction Materials, 18:e02199, 2023. details

  2. Ahmed M. Ebid and Ahmed Farouk Deifalla and Hisham A. Mahdi. Evaluating Shear Strength of Light-Weight and Normal-Weight Concretes through Artificial Intelligence. Sustainability, 14(21):Article No. 14010, 2022. details

  3. Ahmed Ebid and Ahmed Deifalla. Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Predict Punching Shear Capacity of Lightweight Concrete Slabs. Materials, 15(8):Article No. 2732, 2022. details

  4. Ahmed M. Ebid and A. Deifalla. Prediction of shear strength of FRP reinforced beams with and without stirrups using (GP) technique. Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 12(3):2493-2510, 2021. details