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GP coauthors/coeditors: Nadia Alshahwan, Mark Harman, Inna Harper, Shubho Sengupta, Eddy Wang, Earl Barr, Yue Jia, Justyna Petke, William B Langdon, Johannes Bader, Satish Chandra, Ke Mao, Alexander Mols, Andrew Scott,

Genetic Programming PhD doctoral thesis Alexandru Marginean

Genetic Programming conference papers by Alexandru Marginean

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  2. Alexandru Marginean and Johannes Bader and Satish Chandra and Mark Harman and Yue Jia and Ke Mao and Alexander Mols and Andrew Scott. SapFix: Automated End-to-End Repair at Scale. In Joanne M. Atlee and Tevfik Bultan editors, 41st International Conference on Software Engineering, pages 269-278, Montreal, 2019. ACM. details

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  4. Alexandru Marginean and Earl T. Barr and Mark Harman and Yue Jia. Automated Transplantation of Call Graph and Layout Features into Kate. In Yvan Labiche and Marcio Barros editors, SSBSE, volume 9275, pages 262-268, Bergamo, Italy, 2015. Springer. details

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