Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Ali Mohebbi

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Mohammad Izadi Khalegh Abadii, Elham Kashani, Mahdi Ghaedi Heidari, Hossein Kaydani, Mehdi Eftekhari, Ali Hajizadeh Moghaddam,

Genetic Programming Articles by Ali Mohebbi

  1. Ahad Izadi and Elham Kashani and Ali Mohebbi. Combining 10 meta-heuristic algorithms, CFD, DOE, MGGP and PROMETHEE II for optimizing Stairmand cyclone separator. Powder Technology, 382:70-84, 2021. details

  2. Elham Kashani and Ali Mohebbi and Mahdi Ghaedi Heidari. CFD simulation of the preheater cyclone of a cement plant and the optimization of its performance using a combination of the design of experiment and multi-gene genetic programming. Powder Technology, 327:430-441, 2018. details

  3. Hossein Kaydani and Ali Mohebbi and Ali Hajizadeh. Dew point pressure model for gas condensate reservoirs based on multi-gene genetic programming approach. Applied Soft Computing, 47:168-178, 2016. details

  4. Hossein Kaydani and Ali Mohebbi and Mehdi Eftekhari. Permeability estimation in heterogeneous oil reservoirs by multi-gene genetic programming algorithm. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 123:201-206, 2014. Neural network applications to reservoirs: Physics-based models and data models. details