Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Andrew Kusiak

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Anoop Verma, Shital C Shah,

Genetic Programming Articles by Andrew Kusiak

  1. Andrew Kusiak and Anoop Verma. A Data-Driven Approach for Monitoring Blade Pitch Faults in Wind Turbines. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 2(1):87-96, 2011. details

  2. Andrew Kusiak. Innovation: A data-driven approach. International Journal of Production Economics, 122(1):440-448, 2009. Transport Logistics and Physical Distribution; Interlocking of Information Systems for International Supply and Demand Chains Management; ICPR19. details

  3. Shital C. Shah and Andrew Kusiak. Data mining and genetic algorithm based gene/SNP selection. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 31(3):183-196, 2004. details

  4. Andrew Kusiak. Evolutionary Computation in Design and Manufacturing. Machine Engineering, 2001. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Andrew Kusiak