Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Chih-Ming Hsu

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Genetic Programming Articles by Chih-Ming Hsu

  1. Chih-Ming Hsu. An integrated portfolio optimisation procedure based on data envelopment analysis, artificial bee colony algorithm and genetic programming. Int. J. Systems Science, 45(12):2645-2664, 2014. details

  2. Chih-Ming Hsu. Applying genetic programming and ant colony optimisation to improve the geometric design of a reflector. International Journal of Systems Science, 43(5):972-986, 2012. details

  3. Chih-Ming Hsu. Improving the lighting performance of a 3535 packaged hi-power LED using genetic programming, quality loss functions and particle swarm optimization. Applied Soft Computing, 12(9):2933-2947, 2012. details

  4. Chih-Ming Hsu. A hybrid procedure for stock price prediction by integrating self-organizing map and genetic programming. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(11):14026-14036, 2011. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Chih-Ming Hsu