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GP coauthors/coeditors: Jitendra C Parikh, Amit Verma, Prasanta K Panigrahi, Siddharth Arora, M S Santhanam, Abhijit Sen, Anantanarayanan Thyagaraja, Govind S Krishnaswami,

Genetic Programming Articles by Dilip P Ahalpara

Genetic Programming conference papers by Dilip P Ahalpara

  1. Dilip Ahalpara and Abhijit Sen. A Sniffer Technique for an Efficient Deduction of Model Dynamical Equations using Genetic Programming. In Sara Silva and James A. Foster and Miguel Nicolau and Mario Giacobini and Penousal Machado editors, Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Genetic Programming, EuroGP 2011, volume 6621, pages 1-12, Turin, Italy, 2011. Springer Verlag. details

  2. Dilip P. Ahalpara. Improved forecasting of time series data of real system using genetic programming. In Juergen Branke and Martin Pelikan and Enrique Alba and Dirk V. Arnold and Josh Bongard and Anthony Brabazon and Juergen Branke and Martin V. Butz and Jeff Clune and Myra Cohen and Kalyanmoy Deb and Andries P Engelbrecht and Natalio Krasnogor and Julian F. Miller and Michael O'Neill and Kumara Sastry and Dirk Thierens and Jano van Hemert and Leonardo Vanneschi and Carsten Witt editors, GECCO '10: Proceedings of the 12th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation, pages 977-978, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2010. ACM. details

  3. Dilip Ahalpara and Siddharth Arora and M Santhanam. Genetic Programming Based Approach for Synchronization with Parameter Mismatches in EEG. In Leonardo Vanneschi and Steven Gustafson and Alberto Moraglio and Ivanoe De Falco and Marc Ebner editors, Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Genetic Programming, EuroGP 2009, volume 5481, pages 13-24, Tuebingen, 2009. Springer. details

  4. Dilip P. Ahalpara and Prasanta K. Panigrahi and Jitendra C. Parikh. Variations in Financial Time Series: Modelling Through Wavelets and Genetic Programming. In Econophysics of Markets and Business Networks, 2007. Springer. details

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