Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Emad H A Mabrouk

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Rami Al-Hajj, Ali Assi, Mohamad Fouad, Abdel-Rahman Hedar, Masao Fukushima, Julio Cesar Hernandez-Castro, Yara Raslan,

Genetic Programming Articles by Emad H A Mabrouk

  1. Emad Mabrouk and Yara Raslan and Abdel-Rahman Hedar. Immune System Programming: A Machine Learning Approach Based on Artificial Immune Systems Enhanced by Local Search. Electronics, 11(7):Article No. 982, 2022. details

  2. Rami Al-Hajj and Ali Assi and Mohamad Fouad and Emad Mabrouk. A Hybrid LSTM-Based Genetic Programming Approach for Short-Term Prediction of Global Solar Radiation Using Weather Data. Processes, 9(7) 2021. details

  3. Abdel-Rahman Hedar and Emad Mabrouk and Masao Fukushima. Tabu Programming: a New Problem Solver through Adaptive Memory Programming over Tree Data Structures. International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 10(2):373-406, 2011. details

  4. Emad Mabrouk and Julio Cesar Hernandez-Castro and Masao Fukushima. Prime number generation using memetic programming. Artificial Life and Robotics, 16(1):53-56, 2011. details

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