Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Franci Cus

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Joze Balic, Miran Brezocnik, Matjaz Milfelner, Janez Kopac, Uros Zuperl,

Genetic Programming Articles by Franci Cus

  1. U. Zuperl and F. Cus. Surface roughness fuzzy inference system within the control simulation of end milling. Precision Engineering, 43:530-543, 2016. details

  2. M. Milfelner and J. Kopac and F. Cus and U. Zuperl. Genetic equation for the cutting force in ball-end milling. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 164-165:1554-1560, 2005. AMPT/AMME05 Part 2. details

  3. Franc Cus and Matjaz Milfelner and Joze Balic. Optimization of cutting forces in ball-end milling by GA. Machine Engineering, 4(1/2):281-288, 2004. details

  4. Franci Cus and Joze Balic. Optimization of cutting process by GA approach. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 19(1-2):113-121, 2003. details

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