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GP coauthors/coeditors: Nelson Marcelo Romero Aquino, Manasses Ribeiro, Matheus Gutoski, Cesar Manuel Vargas Benitez, Wagner R Weinert, Celia Cristina Bojarczuk, Alex Alves Freitas, Edson L Michalkiewicz, Bruno Marchesi, Alvaro Luiz Stelle, Hugo Alberto Perlin, Ernesto L M Rodrigues, Denise Fukumi Tsunoda,

Genetic Programming Articles by Heitor Silverio Lopes

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Genetic Programming conference papers by Heitor Silverio Lopes

  1. Nelson Marcelo Romero Aquino and Manasses Ribeiro and Matheus Gutoski and Cesar Manuel Vargas Benitez and Heitor Silverio Lopes. A gene expression programming approach for evolving multi-class image classifiers. In 2017 IEEE Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence (LA-CCI), 2017. IEEE. details

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