Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Hoseyn Sayyaadi

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Mojtaba Babaelahi, Ali Sohani, Hamidreza Hasani Balyani, Sina Hoseinpoori, Mitra Zabihigivi, Mohammad Hossein Moradi,

Genetic Programming Articles by Hoseyn Sayyaadi

  1. Ali Sohani and Hoseyn Sayyaadi. Employing genetic programming to find the best correlation to predict temperature of solar photovoltaic panels. Energy Conversion and Management, 224:113291, 2020. details

  2. Ali Sohani and Mitra Zabihigivi and Mohammad Hossein Moradi and Hoseyn Sayyaadi and Hamidreza Hasani Balyani. A comprehensive performance investigation of cellulose evaporative cooling pad systems using predictive approaches. Applied Thermal Engineering, 110:1589-1608, 2017. details

  3. Ali Sohani and Hoseyn Sayyaadi and Hamidreza Hasani Balyani and Sina Hoseinpoori. A novel approach using predictive models for performance analysis of desiccant enhanced evaporative cooling systems. Applied Thermal Engineering, 107:227-252, 2016. details

  4. Mojtaba Babaelahi and Hoseyn Sayyaadi. Analytical closed-form model for predicting the power and efficiency of Stirling engines based on a comprehensive numerical model and the genetic programming. Energy, 98:324-339, 2016. details

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