Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Ibrahim H Guzelbey

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ali Firat Cabalar, Abdulkadir Cevik, Nihat Atmaca, Talha Ekmekyapar, M Tolga Gogus, Y Huseyin Filiz,

Genetic Programming Articles by Ibrahim H Guzelbey

  1. Abdulkadir Cevik and M. Tolga Gogus and Ibrahim H. Guzelbey and Huzeyin Filiz. Soft computing based formulation for strength enhancement of CFRP confined concrete cylinders. Advances in Engineering Software, 41(4):527-536, 2010. details

  2. Ali Firat Cabalar and Abdulkadir Cevik and Ibrahim H. Guzelbey. Constitutive modeling of Leighton Buzzard Sands using genetic programming. Neural Computing and Applications, 19(5):657-665, 2010. details

  3. Abdulkadir Cevik and Nihat Atmaca and Talha Ekmekyapar and Ibrahim H. Guzelbey. Flexural buckling load prediction of aluminium alloy columns using soft computing techniques. Expert Systems with Applications, 36(3, Part 2):6332-6342, 2009. details

  4. Abdulkadir Cevik and Ibrahim H. Guzelbey. A soft computing based approach for the prediction of ultimate strength of metal plates in compression. Engineering Structures, 29(3):383-394, 2007. details