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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ricardo Aler Mur, Dario Maravall Gomez-Allende, Javier de Lope,

Genetic Programming Articles by Jack Mario Mingo

  1. Jack Mario Mingo and Ricardo Aler. Evolution of shared grammars for describing simulated spatial scenes with grammatical evolution. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, 19(1-2):235-270, 2018. details

  2. Jack Mario Mingo and Ricardo Aler. A competence-performance based model to develop a syntactic language for artificial agents. Information Sciences, 373:79-94, 2016. details

  3. Jack Mario Mingo and Ricardo Aler and Dario Maravall and Javier de Lope Asiain. Investigations into Lamarckism, Baldwinism and Local Search in Grammatical Evolution Guided by Reinforcement. Computing and Informatics, 32(3):595-627, 2013. details

  4. Jack M. Mingo and Ricardo Aler. IWPAAMS2007-02: The Role Of The Lamarck Hypothesis In The Grammatical Evolution Guided By Reinforcement. Latin America Transactions, IEEE (Revista IEEE America Latina), 6(6):500-504, 2008. In Spanish. details

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