Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Jay G Sanjayan

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ali Bagheri, Ali Nazari, Robin Kalfat, Riadh Al-Mahaidi, Hsiao Yun Leong, Dominic Ek Leong Ong, Sze Miang Kueh, Pathmanathan Rajeev,

Genetic Programming Articles by Jay G Sanjayan

  1. Ali Bagheri and Ali Nazari and Jay Sanjayan. The use of machine learning in boron-based geopolymers: Function approximation of compressive strength by ANN and GP. Measurement, 141:241-249, 2019. details

  2. Hsiao Yun Leong and Dominic Ek Leong Ong and Jay G. Sanjayan and Sze Miang Kueh. Effects of significant variables on compressive strength of soil-fly ash geopolymer: variable analytical approach based on neural networks and genetic programming. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 30(7) 2018. details

  3. R. Kalfat and A. Nazari and R. Al-Mahaidi and J. Sanjayan. Genetic programming in the simulation of Frp-to-concrete patch-anchored joints. Composite Structures, 138:305-312, 2016. details

  4. Ali Nazari and Pathmanathan Rajeev and Jay G. Sanjayan. Modelling of upheaval buckling of offshore pipeline buried in clay soil using genetic programming. Engineering Structures, 101:306-317, 2015. details