Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Karel Slany

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Lukas Sekanina, Zdenek Vasicek,

Genetic Programming conference papers by Karel Slany

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  3. Karel Slany. Comparison of CGP and Age-Layered CGP Performance in Image Operator Evolution. In Leonardo Vanneschi and Steven Gustafson and Alberto Moraglio and Ivanoe De Falco and Marc Ebner editors, Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Genetic Programming, EuroGP 2009, volume 5481, pages 351-361, Tuebingen, 2009. Springer. details

  4. Karel Slany. Towards the Automatic Evolutionary Prediction of the FOREX Market Behaviour. In International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems, ICAIS '09, pages 141-145, 2009. details

  5. Karel Slan\'y and Luk\'as Sekanina. Fitness Landscape Analysis and Image Filter Evolution Using Functional-Level CGP. In Marc Ebner and Michael O'Neill and Anik\'o Ek\'art and Leonardo Vanneschi and Anna Isabel Esparcia-Alc\'azar editors, Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Genetic Programming, volume 4445, pages 311-320, Valencia, Spain, 2007. Springer. details