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Genetic Programming Articles by Laurence Hirsch

Genetic Programming conference papers by Laurence Hirsch

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  2. Laurence Hirsch and Robin Hirsch and Masoud Saeedi. Evolving Lucene search queries for text classification. In Dirk Thierens and Hans-Georg Beyer and Josh Bongard and Jurgen Branke and John Andrew Clark and Dave Cliff and Clare Bates Congdon and Kalyanmoy Deb and Benjamin Doerr and Tim Kovacs and Sanjeev Kumar and Julian F. Miller and Jason Moore and Frank Neumann and Martin Pelikan and Riccardo Poli and Kumara Sastry and Kenneth Owen Stanley and Thomas Stutzle and Richard A Watson and Ingo Wegener editors, GECCO '07: Proceedings of the 9th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation, volume 2, pages 1604-1611, London, 2007. ACM Press. details

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