Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Leo Gusel

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Miran Brezocnik, Joze Balic, Miha Kovacic, Uros Zuperl,

Genetic Programming Articles by Leo Gusel

  1. Miha Kovacic and Uros Zuperl and Leo Gusel and Miran Brezocnik. Reduction of surface defects by optimization of casting speed using genetic programming: An industrial case study. Advances in Production Engineering \& Management, 18(4):501-511, 2023. details

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  3. Leo Gusel and Miran Brezocnik. Modeling of impact toughness of cold formed material by genetic programming. Computational Materials Science, 37(4):476-482, 2006. details

  4. Miran Brezocnik and Miha Kovacic and Leo Gusel. Comparison Between Genetic Algorithm and Genetic Programming Approach for Modeling the Stress Distribution. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 20(3):497-508, 2005. details

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  7. Miran Brezocnik and Joze Balic and Leo Gusel. Artificial intelligence approach to determination of flow curve. Journal for technology of plasticity, 25(1-2):1-7, 2000. details