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GP coauthors/coeditors: Mohammad Zakwan, Mohammad Reza Goodarzi, Atiyeh Fatehifar, Mohammad Javad Abedi, Hamid Reza Niazkar, Jalil Moshari, Abdoljavad Khajavi, Mohammad Ali Ghorbani, Aida Negari, Reza Piraei, Seied Hosein Afzali, Andrea Menapace,

Genetic Programming Articles by Majid Niazkar

  1. Hamid Reza Niazkar and Jalil Moshari and Abdoljavad Khajavi and Mohammad Ghorbani and Majid Niazkar and Aida Negari. Application of multi-gene genetic programming to the prognosis prediction of COVID-19 using routine hematological variables. Scientific Reports, 14(1) 2024. details

  2. Reza Piraei and Majid Niazkar and Seied Hosein Afzali and Andrea Menapace. Application of Machine Learning Models to Bridge Afflux Estimation. Water, 15(12):Article No. 2187, 2023. details

  3. Majid Niazkar and Mohammad Reza Goodarzi and Atiyeh Fatehifar and Mohammad Javad Abedi. Machine learning-based downscaling: application of multi-gene genetic programming for downscaling daily temperature at Dogonbadan, Iran, under CMIP6 scenarios. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 151(1-2) 2023. details

  4. Mohammad Zakwan and Majid Niazkar. A Comparative Analysis of Data-Driven Empirical and Artificial Intelligence Models for Estimating Infiltration Rates. Complexity, 2021. Special Issue: Frontiers in Data-Driven Methods for Understanding, Prediction, and Control of Complex Systems 2021. details

  5. Majid Niazkar and Mohammad Zakwan. Assessment of Artificial Intelligence Models for Developing Single-Value and Loop Rating Curves. Complexity, 2021. Special Issue: Solving Complex Hydrological Processes using Advanced Artificial Intelligence Models. details

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