Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Maria Grazia De Giorgi

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Zubair Ali Shah, G Marseglia, Marco Quarta, Antonio Martin-Alcantara, Valentina Motta, Andrea Tarantino,

Genetic Programming Articles by Maria Grazia De Giorgi

  1. Zubair Ali Shah and G. Marseglia and M. G. De Giorgi. Predictive models of laminar flame speed in NH3/H2/O3/air mixtures using multi-gene genetic programming under varied fuelling conditions. Fuel, 368:131652, 2024. details

  2. Antonio Martin-Alcantara and Valentina Motta and Andrea Tarantino and Maria Grazia De Giorgi. Design of a passive flow control solution for the mitigation of vortex induced vibrations on wind turbines blade sections as a response to extreme weather events. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 56:103053, 2023. details

  3. Maria Grazia De Giorgi and Marco Quarta. Data regarding dynamic performance predictions of an aeroengine. Data in Brief, 31:105977, 2020. details

  4. Maria Grazia De Giorgi and Marco Quarta. Hybrid MultiGene Genetic Programming - Artificial neural networks approach for dynamic performance prediction of an aeroengine. Aerospace Science and Technology, 103:105902, 2020. details