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GP coauthors/coeditors: Marjan Mernik, Barrett R Bryant, Faizan Javed, Alan P Sprague, Faizad Javed, Zeljko Kovacevic, Miha Ravber, Shih-Hsi Liu, Tomaz Kosar, Damijan Rebernak, Viljem Zumer,

Genetic Programming Articles by Matej Crepinsek

  1. Zeljko Kovacevic and Miha Ravber and Shih-Hsi Liu and Matej Crepinsek. Automatic compiler/interpreter generation from programs for Domain-Specific Languages: Code bloat problem and performance improvement. Journal of Computer Languages, 70:101105, 2022. details

  2. Zeljko Kovacevic and Marjan Mernik and Miha Ravber and Matej Crepinsek. From Grammar Inference to Semantic Inference: An Evolutionary Approach. Mathematics, 8(5) 2020. details

  3. Matej Crepinsek and Marjan Mernik and Barrett R. Bryant and Faizan Javed and Alan Sprague. Inferring Context-Free Grammars for Domain-Specific Languages. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 141(4):99-116, 2005. Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Language Descriptions, Tools, and Applications (LDTA 2005). details

  4. Marjan Mernik and Matej Crepinsek and Tomaz Kosar and Damijan Rebernak and Viljem Zumer. Grammar-Based Systems: Definition and Examples. Informatica, 28(4):245-255, 2004. details

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