Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Mohammad Najafzadeh

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Hossein Kaydani, Ali Hajizadeh Moghaddam, Gholam Abbas Barani, Daniele B Laucelli, Abdolreza Zahiri, Gholamabbas Sadeghi, Mehran Ameri,

Genetic Programming Articles by Mohammad Najafzadeh

  1. Gholamabbas Sadeghi and Mohammad Najafzadeh and Mehran Ameri. Thermal characteristics of evacuated tube solar collectors with coil inside: An experimental study and evolutionary algorithms. Renewable Energy, 151:575-588, 2020. details

  2. Mohammad Najafzadeh and Daniele Biagio Laucelli and Abdolreza Zahiri. Application of model tree and Evolutionary Polynomial Regression for evaluation of sediment transport in pipes. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 21(5):1956-1963, 2017. details

  3. Hossein Kaydani and Mohammad Najafzadeh and Ali Hajizadeh. A new correlation for calculating carbon dioxide minimum miscibility pressure based on multi-gene genetic programming. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 21:625-630, 2014. details

  4. M. Najafzadeh and Gh.-A. Barani. Comparison of group method of data handling based genetic programming and back propagation systems to predict scour depth around bridge piers. Scientia Iranica, 18(6):1207-1213, 2011. details