Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Mujahid Ali

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ali Aldrees, Majid Khan, Abubakr Taha Bakheit Taha, Sai Hin Lai, Usama Asif, Muhammad Faisal Javed, Maher Abuhussain, Waseem Akhtar Khan, Abdullah Mohamed, Bawar Iftikhar, Sophia C Alih, Mohammadreza Vafaei, Yaser Gamil, Muhammad Faisal Rehman,

Genetic Programming Articles by Mujahid Ali

  1. Usama Asif and Muhammad Faisal Javed and Maher Abuhussain and Mujahid Ali and Waseem Akhtar Khan and Abdullah Mohamed. Predicting the mechanical properties of plastic concrete: An optimization method by using genetic programming and ensemble learners. Case Studies in Construction Materials, 20:e03135, 2024. details

  2. Ali Aldrees and Majid Khan and Abubakr Taha Bakheit Taha and Mujahid Ali. Evaluation of water quality indexes with novel machine learning and SHapley Additive ExPlanation (SHAP) approaches. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 58:104789, 2024. details

  3. Bawar Iftikhar and Sophia C. Alih and Mohammadreza Vafaei and Muhammad Faisal Javed and Mujahid Ali and Yaser Gamil and Muhammad Faisal Rehman. A machine learning-based genetic programming approach for the sustainable production of plastic sand paver blocks. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 25:5705-5719, 2023. details

  4. Mujahid Ali and Sai Hin Lai. Artificial intelligent techniques for prediction of rock strength and deformation properties - A review. Structures, 55:1542-1555, 2023. details