Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Nor Azazi Zakaria

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Hazi Mohammad Azamathulla, Aminuddin Ab Ghani, Sai Hin Lai, Chun Kiat Chang, Cheng Siang Leow, Zorkeflee Abu Hasan, Aytac Guven,

Genetic Programming Articles by Nor Azazi Zakaria

  1. Nor Azazi Zakaria and H. Md. Azamathulla and Chun Kiat Chang and Aminuddin Ab. Ghani. Gene expression programming for total bed material load estimation--a case study. Science of The Total Environment, 408(21):5078-5085, 2010. details

  2. H. Md. Azamathulla and Aminuddin Ab Ghani and Nor Azazi Zakaria and Aytac Guven. Genetic Programming to Predict Bridge Pier Scour. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 136(3):165-169, 2010. details

  3. Aytac Guven and H. Md. Azamathulla and N. A. Zakaria. Linear genetic programming for prediction of circular pile scour. Ocean Engineering, 36(12-13):985-991, 2009. details

  4. H. Md Azamathulla and A. Ab. Ghani and N. A. Zakaria and S. H. Lai and C. K. Chang and C. S. Leow and Z. Abuhasan. Genetic programming to predict ski-jump bucket spill-way scour. Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser. B, 20(4):477-484, 2008. details