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GP coauthors/coeditors: Alireza Ahangar-Asr, Asaad Faramarzi, Akbar A Javadi, Luigi Berardi, Zoran Kapelan, Dragan Savic, Angelo Doglioni, Bruce Webb, Davide Mancarella, Vincenzo Simeone, Ibrahim El-Baroudy, Amin Elshorbagy, Sean K Carey, Vincenzo Fazio, Nicola Maria Pugno, Giuseppe Puglisi, Daniele B Laucelli, Francesco di Pierro, Thomas M Walski, Vladan Babovic, Maarten Keijzer, Balvant Rajani, Yehuda Kleiner, Michele Romano, Momcilo Markus, Mohamad I Hejazi, Peter Bajcsy, Mohammad Rezania, Will Shepherd, Slobodan Djordjevic, Adrian Saul,

Genetic Programming Articles by Orazio Giustolisi

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