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Genetic Programming Articles by Philip G K Reiser

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Genetic Programming conference papers by Philip G K Reiser

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  2. Philip G. K. Reiser. Evolutionary Computation and the Tinkerer's Evolving Toolbox. In Wolfgang Banzhaf and Riccardo Poli and Marc Schoenauer and Terence C. Fogarty editors, Proceedings of the First European Workshop on Genetic Programming, volume 1391, pages 209-219, Paris, 1998. Springer-Verlag. details

  3. Philip G. K. Reiser and Patricia J. Riddle. Evolving Logic Programs to Classify Chess-Endgame Positions. In R. I. Bob McKay and X. Yao and Charles S. Newton and J.-H. Kim and T. Furuhashi editors, Simulated Evolution and Learning: Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning, SEAL'98. Selected Papers, volume 1585, pages 138-145, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, Australia, 1998. Springer-Verlag. published in 1999. details

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  5. P. G. K. Reiser. An Evolutionary Learning System for Knowledge Discovery. In Abstracts of the International Association of Interdisciplinary Research Conference on Learning, pages 234-237, Geneva, Switzerland, 1997. extended abstract. details

  6. P. G. K. Reiser. EVIL1: a Learning System to Evolve Logical Theories. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Logic Programming and Multi-Agents, pages 95-101, Leuven, Belgium, 1997. details

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