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GP coauthors/coeditors: Marco Andre Abud Kappel, Ricardo Fabbri, Ivan Napoleao Bastos, Fernando Cunha Peixoto, Gustavo Mendes Platt, Gustavo H F Caldas, Claudio Marcio do Nascimento Abreu Pereira, Roberto Schirru, Aquilino Senra Martinez,

Genetic Programming Articles by Roberto Pinheiro Domingos

  1. Marco Andre Abud Kappel and Fernando Cunha Peixoto and Gustavo Mendes Platt and Roberto Pinheiro Domingos and Ivan Napoleao Bastos. A study of equivalent electrical circuit fitting to electrochemical impedance using a stochastic method. Applied Soft Computing, 50:183-193, 2017. details

  2. Marco Andre Abud Kappel and Ricardo Fabbri and Roberto P. Domingos and Ivan N. Bastos. Novel electrochemical impedance simulation design via stochastic algorithms for fitting equivalent circuits. Measurement, 94:344-354, 2016. details

  3. Roberto P. Domingos and Roberto Schirru and Aquilino Senra Martinez. Soft computing systems applied to PWR's xenon. Progress in Nuclear Energy, 46(3-4):297-308, 2005. details

  4. Roberto P. Domingos and Gustavo H. F. Caldas and Claudio M. N. A. Pereira and Roberto Schirru. PWR's Xenon oscillation control through a fuzzy expert system automatically designed by means of genetic programming. Applied Soft Computing, 3(4):317-323, 2003. details

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