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GP coauthors/coeditors: Jitender Jit Singh Cheema, Narendra V Sankpal, Bhaskar D Kulkarni, Suhas B Ghugare, Purva Goel, Sanket Bapat, Renu Vyas, Amruta Tambe, Veena Patil-Shinde, K B Mulani, Kamini Donde, N N Chavan, S Ponrathnam, Suraj Sharma, Rupali Ram Sonolikar, Mahendra P Patil, Raju B Mankar, Devendra Verma, M Karthikeyan,

Genetic Programming Articles by Sanjeev S Tambe

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  3. Suhas B. Ghugare and Sanjeev S. Tambe. Genetic programming based high performing correlations for prediction of higher heating value of coals of different ranks and from diverse geographies. Journal of the Energy Institute, 90(3):476-484, 2017. details

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  5. Veena Patil-Shinde and K. B. Mulani and Kamini Donde and N. N. Chavan and S. Ponrathnam and Sanjeev S. Tambe. The Removal of arsenite [As(III)] and arsenate [As(V)] ions from wastewater using TFA and TAFA resins: Computational intelligence based reaction modeling and optimization. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 4(4, Part A):4275-4286, 2016. details

  6. Purva Goel and Sanket Bapat and Renu Vyas and Amruta Tambe and Sanjeev S. Tambe. Genetic programming based quantitative structure-retention relationships for the prediction of Kovats retention indices. Journal of Chromatography A, 1420:98-109, 2015. details

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