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GP coauthors/coeditors: Abidhan Bardhan, Pijush Samui, Kuntal Ghosh, A H Gandomi, Olivier V Pictet, Gilles Zumbach, Parag C Pendharkar, Kumar Mehta, Yifeng Zhang,

Genetic Programming Articles by Siddhartha Bhattacharyya

  1. Abidhan Bardhan and Pijush Samui and Kuntal Ghosh and Amir H. Gandomi and Siddhartha Bhattacharyya. ELM-based adaptive neuro swarm intelligence techniques for predicting the California bearing ratio of soils in soaked conditions. Applied Soft Computing, 110:107595, 2021. details

  2. Yifeng Zhang and Siddhartha Bhattacharyya. Genetic programming in classifying large-scale data: an ensemble method. Information Sciences, 163(1-3):85-101, 2004. details

  3. Siddhartha Bhattacharyya and Olivier V. Pictet and Gilles Zumbach. Knowledge-intensive genetic discovery in foreign exchange markets. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 6(2):169-181, 2002. details

  4. Siddhartha Bhattacharyya and Parag C. Pendharkar. Inductive, Evolutionary, and Neural Computing Techniques for Discrimination: A Comparative Study. Decision Sciences, 29(4):871-899, 1998. details

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