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GP coauthors/coeditors: Dirk Wiesmann, Dominic Heutelbeck, Ingo Wegener, Thomas Jansen, Guenter Rudolph, Hans-Paul Schwefel, Karsten Tinnefeld, Lothar M Schmitt,

Genetic Programming conference papers by Stefan Droste

  1. Lothar M. Schmitt and Stefan Droste. Convergence to global optima for genetic programming systems with dynamically scaled operators. In Maarten Keijzer and Mike Cattolico and Dirk Arnold and Vladan Babovic and Christian Blum and Peter Bosman and Martin V. Butz and Carlos Coello Coello and Dipankar Dasgupta and Sevan G. Ficici and James Foster and Arturo Hernandez-Aguirre and Greg Hornby and Hod Lipson and Phil McMinn and Jason Moore and Guenther Raidl and Franz Rothlauf and Conor Ryan and Dirk Thierens editors, GECCO 2006: Proceedings of the 8th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation, volume 1, pages 879-886, Seattle, Washington, USA, 2006. ACM Press. details

  2. Stefan Droste and Dirk Wiesmann. Metric Based Evolutionary Algorithms. In Riccardo Poli and Wolfgang Banzhaf and William B. Langdon and Julian F. Miller and Peter Nordin and Terence C. Fogarty editors, Genetic Programming, Proceedings of EuroGP'2000, volume 1802, pages 29-43, Edinburgh, 2000. Springer-Verlag. details

  3. Stefan Droste and Dominic Heutelbeck and Ingo Wegener. Distributed Hybrid Genetic Programming for Learning Boolean Functions. In Marc Schoenauer and Kalyanmoy Deb and G\"unter Rudolph and Xin Yao and Evelyne Lutton and Juan Julian Merelo and Hans-Paul Schwefel editors, Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN VI 6th International Conference, volume 1917, pages 181-190, Paris, France, 2000. Springer Verlag. details

  4. Stefan Droste. Genetic Programming with Guaranteed Quality. In John R. Koza and Wolfgang Banzhaf and Kumar Chellapilla and Kalyanmoy Deb and Marco Dorigo and David B. Fogel and Max H. Garzon and David E. Goldberg and Hitoshi Iba and Rick Riolo editors, Genetic Programming 1998: Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference, pages 54-59, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 1998. Morgan Kaufmann. details

  5. Stefan Droste. Efficient Genetic Programming for Finding Good Generalizing Boolean Functions. In John R. Koza and Kalyanmoy Deb and Marco Dorigo and David B. Fogel and Max Garzon and Hitoshi Iba and Rick L. Riolo editors, Genetic Programming 1997: Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference, pages 82-87, Stanford University, CA, USA, 1997. Morgan Kaufmann. details

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