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GP coauthors/coeditors: Wook-Jin Choi, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood, Abdul Majid, Choong-Hwan Lee, Imran Usman, Asifullah Khan, Rafiullah Chamlawi, Asad Ali,

Genetic Programming Articles by Tae Sun Choi

  1. Abdul Majid and Choong-Hwan Lee and M. Tariq Mahmood and Tae-Sun Choi. Impulse noise filtering based on noise-free pixels using genetic programming. Knowledge and Information Systems, 32(3):505-526, 2012. details

  2. Wook-Jin Choi and Tae-Sun Choi. Genetic programming-based feature transform and classification for the automatic detection of pulmonary nodules on computed tomography images. Information Sciences, 212:57-78, 2012. details

  3. Muhammad Tariq Mahmood and Abdul Majid and Tae-Sun Choi. Optimal depth estimation by combining focus measures using genetic programming. Information Sciences, 181(7):1249-1263, 2011. details

  4. Imran Usman and Asifullah Khan and Asad Ali and Tae-Sun Choi. Reversible Watermarking Based on Intelligent Coefficient Selection and Integer Wavelet Transform. International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, 5(12(A)):4675-4682, 2009. details

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