Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Tzung-Pei Hong

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Been-Chian Chien, Mick Jung-Yi Lin, Jui-Hsiang Yang, Chan-Sheng Kuo, Samuel Chuen-Lung Chen,

Genetic Programming Articles by Tzung-Pei Hong

  1. Been-Chian Chien and Jui-Hsiang Yang and Tzung-Pei Hong. Learning Discriminant Functions based on Genetic Programming and Rough Sets. Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing, 17(2-3):135-155, 2011. details

  2. Chan-Sheng Kuo and Tzung-Pei Hong and Chuen-Lung Chen. An Improved Knowledge-Acquisition Strategy Based on Genetic Programming. Cybernetics and Systems, 39(7):672-685, 2008. details

  3. Chan-Sheng Kuo and Tzung-Pei Hong and Chuen-Lung Chen. Applying genetic programming technique in classification trees. Soft Computing, 11(12):1165-1172, 2007. details

  4. Been-Chian Chien and Jung Yi Lin and Tzung-Pei Hong. Learning discriminant functions with fuzzy attributes for classification using genetic programming. Expert Systems with Applications, 23(1):31-37, 2002. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Tzung-Pei Hong