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GP coauthors/coeditors: Rinat Attias, Sourav Bhowmick, Baral Ashok-Kumar, Zohar Drach, Shany Hershkovitz, Domenico Ferrero, Pierluigi Leone, Andrea Lanzini, Massimo Santarelli, Danny Gelman, Boris Shvartsev, Itamar Wallwater, Shahaf Kozokaro, Vicky Fidelsky, Adi Sagy, Alon Oz, Sioma Baltianski, Yair Ein-Eli, Kalimuthu Vijaya Sankar, Nataly Belman, Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher, Emanuelle Goren, Neta Shomrat, Tanmoy Paul, Nimrod Yavo, Igor Lubomirsky, Sankaran Sivakumar, Subramaniam Yugeswaran, Lakshmanan Kumaresan, Gurusamy Shanmugavelayutham, Jianguo Zhu, Zheyu Zhang, Kalpana Singh, Jigang Zhou, James J Dynes, Venkataraman Thangadurai,

Genetic Programming Articles by Yoed Tsur

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