Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Yu Yang

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Xin Zhao, Min Huang, Xin Wang2, Qibing Zhu, Shangpeng Sun, Leiqing Pan, Zheng Zhou, Gan Zhang, Libing Xu, Mingqing Wang,

Genetic Programming Articles by Yu Yang

  1. Zheng Zhou and Yu Yang and Gan Zhang and Libing Xu and Mingqing Wang. EBM3GP: A novel evolutionary bi-objective genetic programming for dimensionality reduction in classification of hyperspectral data. Infrared Physics \& Technology, 129:104577, 2023. details

  2. Yu Yang and Shangpeng Sun and Leiqing Pan and Min Huang and Qibing Zhu. Predictions of multiple food quality parameters using near-infrared spectroscopy with a novel multi-task genetic programming approach. Food Control, 144:109389, 2023. details

  3. Yu Yang and Xin Zhao and Min Huang and Xin Wang2 and Qibing Zhu. Multispectral image based germination detection of potato by using supervised multiple threshold segmentation model and Canny edge detector. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 182:106041, 2021. details

  4. Yu Yang and Xin Wang2 and Xin Zhao and Min Huang and Qibing Zhu. M3GPSpectra: A novel approach integrating variable selection/construction and MLR modeling for quantitative spectral analysis. Analytica Chimica Acta, 1160:338453, 2021. details