Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Zahra Zojaji

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Alireza R Azarhoosh, Fereidoon Moghaddas Nejad, Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh, Behrouz Tork Ladani, Alireza Khalilian, Hamid Nasiri,

Genetic Programming Articles by Zahra Zojaji

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  2. A. R. Azarhoosh and Z. Zojaji and F. Moghadas Nejad. Nonlinear genetic-base models for prediction of fatigue life of modified asphalt mixtures by precipitated calcium carbonate. Road Materials and Pavement Design, 21(3):850-866, 2020. details

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  6. Zahra Zojaji and Behrouz Tork Ladani and Alireza Khalilian. Automated program repair using genetic programming and model checking. Applied Intelligence, 45(4):1066-1088, 2016. details

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