June 26 - 30, 2004
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Late Breaking Papers (LBP)


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Preface - Late Breaking Papers

Parametric Regression Through Genetic Programming

The Harmonic Decision Matrix: a group of operators for the fuzzy-logic, multi-objective decisions and optimizations

Search Operator Bias in Linearly Structured Genetic Programming

Towards a Generally Applicable Self-adapting Hybridization of Evolutionary Algorithms

An Adaptive Diploid Evolutionary Algorithm for Floating-Point Representations in Dynamic Environments

Optimising the Performance of a Formula One Car using a Genetic Algorithm

Double Orthogonal Arrays Based Genetic Algorithm for Primer Design

Development of the parallel optimization method based on genetic simulated annealing

Chemical Genetic Programming - The Effect of Evolving Amino Acids

Empirical Comparison of Incremental Reuse Strategies in Genetic Programming for Keep-Away Soccer

Incremental Evolution of Autonomous Controllers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Multi-objective Genetic Programming

KLP Not Always Efficient

A philosophical essay on life and its connections with genetic algorithms

An architecture for massive parallelization of the compact genetic algorithm

Using GP to Model Contextual Human Behavior - Competitive with Human Modeling Performance

Investigating the evolvability of biologically inspired CA

Phylogenetic inference using evolutionary multi-objective optimisation

A Local Search Algorithm Based on Genetic Recombination for Traveling Salesman Problem

A Comparative Analysis of Simplification and Complexification in the Evolution of Neural Network Topologies

Self-Adaptation in Genetic Algorithms using Multiple Genomic Redundant Representations

pplication of a Neuroevolutionary Approach to Emergent Task Decomposition in Collective Robotics

Discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance from Clutter Using Linear Genetic Programming

Investigation of Constant Creation Techniques in the Context of Gene Expression Programming

An Agent Too Far: The Genetic Distance Evaluation of a Simulated World

Improving Evolutionary Algorithms with Multi-representation Island Models

A-HEP: Adaptive Hybrid Evolutionary Programming for Learning Bayesian Networks

Parsing Probabilistic Context Free Languages with Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms

Developing Automated Helicopter Models Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Search

Complementary selection and variation for an efficient multiobjective optimization of complex systems

The RBF-Gene model

An Evolutionary Technique for Multicriterial Optimization Based on Endocrine Paradigm

Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms Using Graph-Encoded Chromosomes

An Evolutionary Approach for Multiobjective Optimization using Adaptive Representation of Solutions

Convergence Control in ACO

Genetic Network Programming with Reinforcement Learning and its Performance Evaluation

Improving on the Kalman Swarm: Extracting its Essential Characteristics

Using Genetic Programming to Evolve Weighting Schemes for the Vector Space Model of Information Retrieval

Determining the Best Parent Selection Method for a Genetic Algorithm through Varying Problem Sizes and Complexities

Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms Using Graph-Encoded Chromosomes

Control structures in linear and stack-based Genetic Programming

Constraint Handling of an Optical Components Selection Problem using a new Genetic Crossover Scheme

EcoSFERES: A Tool for the Design of Self-Organized Agent-Based Applications

Developing Cooperation of Multiple Agents Using Genetic Network Programming with Automatically Defined Groups

Genetic Programming for Guiding Branch and Bound Search

Virtual Witches and Warlocks: A Quidditch Simulator and Quidditch-Playing Teams Coevolved via Genetic Programming

A Grid-based Ant Colony System for Automatic Program Synthesis

Repeated Sequences in Linear GP Genomes

A Highly Efficient Function Optimization with Genetic Programming

An Application of Evolutionary Algorithms to Predict the Extent of SLHF Anomaly Associated with Coastal Earthquake

Function Approximation by means of Multi-Branches Genetic Programming

Equilibrium and Extinction In a Trisexual Diploid Mating System

Ant Colony Algorithms for Routing in Sensor Networks

Enhancing A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Through Flexible Evolution

Simple Incremental Testing

Organization Design Optimization Using Genetic Programming

Navigation Using Inverting Genetic Algorithms: Initial Conditions and Node-Node Transitions

Breeding Swarms: A GA/PSO Hybrid

Evolutionary Music Composer

A Correlated Fitness Landscape Describes Growth in Experimental Microbial Ecosystems: Initial Results

Association-Based Evolution of Comprehensible Neural Logic Networks

Functional Modularity in the Test Bed of Economic Theory -- Using Genetic

How to Draw a Straight Line Using a GP: Benchmarking Evolutionary Design Against 19th Century Kinematic Synthesis

An Autonomous Agent-Based Surveillance System

Evolving Dynamic Gaits on a Physical Robot

Relationship between Genetic Algorithms and Ant Colony Optimization

Understanding Competitive Co-evolutionary Dynamics via Fitness Landscapes

Lamarckian Repair and Darwinian Repair in EMO Algorithms for Multiobjective 0/1 Knapsack Problems

Exhaustive Directed Search

On the sampling property of real-parameter crossover

Advanced Formula Prediction using Simulated Annealing

The Evolution of Genetic Regulatory Networks for Single and Multicellular Development

Feature Selection and Classification in Brain Computer Interfaces by a Genetic Algorithm

Periodicity Emerges from Evolved Energy-Efficient and Long-Range Brachiation

Methods for Covering Missing Data in XCS