June 26 - 30, 2004
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Military and Security Applications of Evolutionary Computation (MSA)


Paper Title

Preface - Military and Security Applications of Evolutionary Computation Workshop

Model-Solution Framework for Minimal Risk Planning for URAVs

Evolutionary Algorithm Approaches for Detecting Computer Network Intrusion

Parametric Regression Through Genetic Programming

Evolutionary Algorithms in Cryptography: A survey

Genetic algorithms for UGV navigation, sniper fire localization, and unit of action fuel distribution

Designing evolvable hardware for military systems

Design of Military Applications with Evolutionary Algorithms

Playing to train: Case injected genetic algorithms for strategic computer gaming

Automated Transfer of Evolutionary Computation Successes to the Evolvable Hardware Domain for Information Superiority Applications

Known algorithm attacks on standard ciphers

Genetic Algorithm Optimization of a Military Ionosonde Antenna

Optimization of a constrained feed network for an antenna array using simple and competent genetic algorithm techniques

On the Efficient Mining of Network Audit Data using Genetic Programming

Application of graph-bound genetic operations to the generation of master air attack plans

Breaking blue: Automated red teaming using evolvable simulations